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How to grow Date Plum Persimmon from seeds?

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  • How to grow Date Plum Persimmon from seeds?


    cold stratification is needed. If you get enough good cold weather in the winter, my preferred method for our local species is to plant them in a pot with good soil, wire a piece of plastic with slits cut in it over the top, and leave it in a spot that doesn't get sun for the winter. The slits let in some water from rain or snow, but the plastic deters rodents pretty well. Keeping it out of the sun prevents too many freeze/thaw cycles (which can coax seeds into sprouting and then kill them) from happening.

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      I think your description how to sow is ok. Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. Cold 90 days, 40 Degrees F (you can lay them in a moistened kitchen paper and put them in a locked box in the fridge) Sow in a moist Medium. Sow 3/4” deep.